[][src]Enum plotters::style::RelativeSize

pub enum RelativeSize {

Describes a relative size, might be

  1. portion of height
  2. portion of width
  3. portion of the minimal of height and weight



Percentage height


Percentage width


Percentage of either height or width, which is smaller


impl RelativeSize[src]

pub fn min(self, min_sz: i32) -> RelativeSizeWithBound[src]

Set the lower bound of the relative size.

  • min_sz: The minimal size the relative size can be in pixels
  • returns: The relative size with the bound

pub fn max(self, max_sz: i32) -> RelativeSizeWithBound[src]

Set the upper bound of the relative size

  • max_size: The maximum size in pixels for this relative size
  • returns The relative size with the upper bound

Trait Implementations

impl SizeDesc for RelativeSize[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for RelativeSize

impl Unpin for RelativeSize

impl Sync for RelativeSize

impl UnwindSafe for RelativeSize

impl RefUnwindSafe for RelativeSize

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